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Amazon Interview Coaching “All In” Package


This 1-on-1 coaching option is for folks who are “all in” to give maximum effort to land an offer from Amazon. You will have an Amazon interview “personal trainer” (former Amazon employees) who will guide you through the entire interview process with insight and rigor.


Our intensive 1-on-1 coaching program include:

  • Four 1-hour 1-on-1 coaching sessions over Zoom. You have the option to record each session so that you can review afterward. Most of our clients choose to record the session.
  • Writing assignment review
  • Unlimited email consultation in between sessions
  • Compensation Negotiation advisory. We provide advise all of our clients to negotiate their offers.
  • Session 1: Define your personalized messaging framework, positioning, and differentiation; initial mock up interview to assess strengths and weaknesses; assign homework to complete before session. You will receive 15 questions to prepare before the first session. By the end of the first session, our coach will give you overall assessment of where you are, your strengths, and your weaknesses.
  • Session 2:  Our interview coach will de-construct the job description, and anticipate domain/job function related interview questions to give you a mock interview.
  • Session 3: Amazon Leadership Principles and Interview Questions mapping — You’ll be provided 3 questions for each leadership principle.  The coach will anticipate and identify a subset of LP questions that are most likely to be asked for your position. We’ll conduct an intense LP mock interview to get you ready.
  • Session 4: Final mock interview before your onsite. We’ll anticipate the most important questions (behavior/LP, job/domain specific questions, etc.) Research each interviewer on your behalf.
  • 4 1-on-1 sessions plus assignments and preparation that requires a minimum of 6 hours outside of coaching sessions. This is an intense “boot camp” style coaching program that requires “all in” commitment.
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied, I’ll give you full refund within 7 days of completing the coaching. For most clients, we’ll schedule 2 sessions before your phone screens. If you don’t progress to the virtual onsite round, half of your payment will be refunded.

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