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Top-Rated Career Strategy Books

What differentiate Andrew Franklin’s career strategy guides?

  • He is writing from his over 2 decades of experience as a software developer, product manager, GM, EVP, and Officer at publicly traded companies. You’re not getting advice from a career counselor who has never done the actual work.
  • He has coached many clients with his strategic framework. He has continued to polish and perfect his playbook.
  • His style is honest, direct, candid, transparent, insightful, and helpful.
  • His approach is strategic, structured, specific, and pragmatic.
  • He has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from University of California at Berkeley and an MBA from a top business school. But, he has also learned many lessons from the School of Hard Knocks.

Book List:

  1. How To Get A Job At Amazon
  2. How to Get A Job At Google
  3. Amazon Side Hustle: How to Make $3000 Per Month in 90 days AND Get a Job at Amazon
  4. Smart Move: How to Become a Product Manager

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