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Beat Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Coaching



For anyone who is going through a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), it’s a carer crisis with tremendous stress and frustration.

The Chines phrase for crisis consists of two characters: danger and opportunity.

Our seasoned career coaches are seasoned professionals who have worked in FAANG and other top firms. They are familiar with the dirty secrets of PIP — they know how it works, and how to navigate and negotiate the process.

We’ll help you

  • evaluate your chance of beating the PIP
  • mapping the strategy for your next 30 days
  • determine your negotiation strategy
  • provide you the strategic and emotional support that help you come out of this process stronger

What is included:

  • Three 30-minute strategy sessions
    • Session 1: Situational analysis and assessment of your chance to beat the PIP
    • Session 2: Determine your negotiation strategy
    • Session 3: Floater session — most clients will request this session about half through their PIP process or near the end of the PIP process
  • Unlimited email based consultation: we help our clients review their email draft to manager and HR, strategize scripts for meetings with manager/HR, etc. You have a trusted advisor who has your back.

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