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The Hype vs Reality of AI-Generated Presentations

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I’ve been looking for an AI tool to help amplify my ability to create engaging Google slide / Microsoft PowerPoint decks. So far, the hype hasn’t matched reality.

I tested several tools with the goal of providing a narrative and having the AI create a complete deck for business presentations. Unfortunately, none came close to delivering at that level.

I then tried a more constrained use case—creating slides myself and using AI for additional graphics, formatting, etc. But the results remained underwhelming.

The tools I evaluated include:

  • Plus AI for Google Slides
  • Decktopus
  • Gemma
  • SlidesAI

One Reddit thread touted some of these, but the top comment was right: “unless you are 15 and presenting for a high school assignment, trash.”

We’re still early in the hype cycle around generative AI. Great products will emerge in time, but current tools often fall short of lofty claims. Proceed with caution when considering joining startups in this space. Try their products thoroughly before deciding if they are building a real business not just the hype.

While AI may someday 10X our abilities, be wary of influencers promoting narratives that capabilities have already arrived. For now, the reality is that AI-generated presentations are best as supplements to human creation, not replacements. Due diligence on claims can prevent disappointment down the road.

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