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How to turn COVID Work-From-Home into a golden opportunity for your career and life

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Albert Einstein said, “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.”

With COVID Work-From-Home, a lot of us are saving at least 2 hours of commute time every single day. That’s 10 hours a week, 40 hours a month. Time is our most precious resources. We need to take advantage of the extra time we have at our disposal. 

Shelter-in-place started in late March. For most of us, we have worked from home for 6+ weeks. Below is a few examples of what my clients have been able to do in such a short (but also not so short) period of time:

A product manager launched consulting side hustle to help startups to scale. Landed her first client 2 weeks ago and generated her first $3K side income in addition to her full-time paycheck. I encourage everyone to start a side hustle — it’s simply too risky to rely on a single source of income. You owe yourself and your family to have multiple sources of income. 

A long-time IBM employee landed multiple job offers. He had wanted to get out of IBM for a long time, but kept procrastinating. A combination of fear (IBM has a new CEO and layoffs are expected) and my relentless push and coaching finally resulted in massive amount of actions. He applied 5 jobs a day for two weeks. Now he had multiple offers to choose from.

If you have worked at companies such as IBM and Cisco for a long time, I’m almost certain that you need a change of scenery. It’ll be good for your career and for your personal development. If you need the extra push and guidance, sign up for my coaching program.  

Another client, A software engineer at a top tech firm in San Francisco, terminated his lease, and relocated to Boise, Idaho. He used to spend at least 3 hours a day on daily commute and paid $4.5K/month on rent. His mortgage for his brand new 3,000 Sq. Ft. house is a less than his rent in SF. His company has announced work-from-home will continue until end of the year, and most employees will be allowed to continue WFH in the future.

More and more companies will allow remote work. There is a golden opportunity for Geo-arbitrage. 

Don’t wait. Take massive actions. The most important investment you can make is in yourself. Take advantage of the extra hours you have now. 

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