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Google, Amazon, and Facebook hiring updates

Today I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned in the past few months about Google, Amazon and Facebook hiring.

Amazon Hiring Update

Amazon’s hiring slowed down a little bit in Dec and January due to the holidays and their OP2 process (semi-annual corporate planning process). But, it’s picking up steam now.

Amazon continues to hire very aggressively in many areas while its high turnover/attrition rate continues. One thing I warn all of my coaching clients — be patient and be proactive when you deal with Amazon recruiters. Many of Amazon recruiters are very inexperienced. They sometimes contact candidates for the wrong jobs which is a waste of time for both sides. Be extremely vigilant and take control of your interactions with your Amazon recruiters. Finally, job leveling deflation continues at Amazon. I continue to see very senior level folks (SVP, EVP. Partner, CXO) to land Level-7 Sr. Manager positions at Amazon.

Google Hiring Update

Google’s hiring pace is slow and measured. In the second half of 2020, Google was very deliberate in controlling cost and tightening up the head counts. Google has also made some shifts from fixed cost to variable cost by hiring more contractors.

At the same time, I continue to hear complaints from current Google employees that Google has become more political and bureaucratic, and some long-time Google employees have left Google for greener pastures at other high-growth tech firms. As a result, Google is getting more aggressive in competing on compensations. This means you will have more room to negotiate with Google if you have an offer from them (particularly if you have competing offers.)

Facebook Hiring Update

Interesting enough, although Facebook has its shares of recent headache to deal with (e.g. fake news, fight vs. Apple, privacy issues, etc.), it has been winning some battles against Google on the hiring front. I have multiple coaching clients who chose Facebook over Google. Facebook is a younger, smaller, and hungrier company.

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