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Amazon Prime Day Offers and Interview Questions

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The #1 Amazon Leadership is Customer Obsession. You might be looking for a job at Amazon. Or you might be one of my interview coaching clients who are working at Amazon now. Either way, you should take advantage of the Prime Day offers to save money. But, more importantly, you should ask “why, why, and why” to understand and assess customer experience, Amazon’s merchandising and marketing strategy around Prime Day, and how Amazon can improve Prime Day experience for customers.

I have created 5 Amazon Case Interview Questions for top Amazon Prime Day deals. This is a fun exercise that will stimulate your thought process, get you into the “Amazon thinking mode”,  and help you prepare for Amazon interviews.

Note: Officially, Amazon Prime Day is from 12 PM PST, Monday July 16 to 11:59 PM, Tuesday July 17. However, the deals featured in this blog post are already available on If you don’t see the discount pricing, that’s because your Amazon account does not have Prime Membership. You need to be a Prime Member to see the discount pricing. As new deals come in, I’ll update this post to feature additional deals.

Amazon Prime Day Deal #1: If you are not currently a Prime Member, you should sign up the 30-day Amazon Prime Free Trial. If you’re a college students or you’re parents of college students, you can sign up 50% Prime Membership for 6 months.

Question #1: Why did Amazon create Amazon Prime Day event? What metrics would you look at to determine if 2018 Amazon Prime Day is successful or not?

Amazon Prime Day Deal #2: Amazon Alexa and Kindle device team are hiring a lot across the globe. If you’re interested in positions in Alexa or Kindle team, you should be an avid users of the devices/services.

Question #2: 

  • If you own a Alexa device (e.g. The Echo Show), how can Amazon improve the device? Please don’t give generic advice. You need to be a power user of the product and really have insights to share based on your experience.
  • If you own a Kindle device, how can Amazon improve the device?
  • The Echo Show for $129 offer — Will Amazon still make money by discount a full $100 off?

Amazon Prime Day Deal #3: Grocery related offers: Amazon is hiring aggressive across in online grocery (wholefood integration, Amazon Fresh, etc.) If you’re interested in these teams, you should become an user.

  • A $10 credit when you spend $10 at Whole Foods. Yep, you’ll get a $10 Amazon credit when you spend at least $10 at the Amazon-owned grocery chain.
  • $30 Off your first Amazon Fresh order

Question #3: You’re asked to convince senior management about the “A $10 credit when you spend $10 at Whole Foods” offer. How would you build the case and convince management?

Amazon Prime Day Deal #4: 3 months of Audible for $4.95 per month. The standard subscription rate for Amazon’s audiobook service: $14.95 per month. Right now, Prime subscribers can get the first three months for $4.95 each, a total savings of $30. Interestingly, there’s nothing to indicate this is for new subscribers only, so if you’ve tried Audible in the past, you may be able to get this deal.

Question #4: Will Audible lose money on this offer? What are the factors management has to consider to model out and justify such an offer?

Amazon Prime Day Deal #5: 30% off Amazon Essential Brands (Amazon private labeled products)

Question #5: Amazon Essential are Amazon private label brands. How would you determine if amazon should feature Amazon’s own private label brands, or other manufacturers/brands’ products? How do you determine the shelf space and placement on site?

Amazon continues to publish new deals for Prime Day. I’ll continue to watch the new deals as they come in and come up with additional questions for you to work on.

Once Amazon Prime Day is over, I’ll publish my answers to these questions by the end of next week.



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