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What really matters?

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During the holiday, I received a note from a friend that really touched me:

“This year I find myself being a bit more sentimental and contemplative as I do this review. Perhaps it’s all the transitions that people in my network are facing with so many companies doing layoffs. Perhaps it’s having dropped my oldest off at college this past year or perhaps it’s my parents getting up in age and not sure how many more holidays I’ll have with them.  Whatever the reason, it has made me really think about what is most important to me and why I continue to enjoy doing what I do so much.  It’s really the people that I get to meet daily and the friendships I have developed over the years that really make this so worthwhile.”

I reached out to my friend and thanked him for the note. I’m in a similar life stage, and this message really resonated with me.

As a career coach, I talked to a lot of folks. Everyone is exhausted as we navigate the pandemic and current macroeconomic conditions.

But, it’s also a time for reflection, re-calibration, and reset. Great careers are built during time like this.

What really matters to you? What is your career end game? That’s a key question I ask each of my career coaching client. Interesting enough, many folks don’t have an answer.

Each us is wired a little bit differently. But, I challenge to put aside a few minutes this week and try to answer this question. It’ll be time well spent. If you have answer, I’d love to hear from you. Reply this email, and share your answer with me.

As you think about your answer, I’d also like to share with you a great quote from Naval:

“Either create wealth or a passive income, or become a monk, or do what you love more than money.

What remains is taming the mind and the body, seeking truth, creating love and art.

The world has nothing to offer you. And you are free. ”

It’s a quote I keep thinking about.

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