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Welcome LinkedIn Users: How to Get a Job at Amazon

The Most Comprehensive Insider’s guide that helps you land a job at Amazon. . Former Amazon hiring manager and interview coach reveals the playbook. No BS. Insightful. Candid. Direct. It simply works.

Amazon is #2 on the list of LinkedIn Top Companies 2017: Where the world wants to work now. It also ranked as one of the top five companies with the most difficult interviews. How can you beat the odds and land an offer at Amazon? What separates the successful candidates from the rejected ones?

We have identified five keys of successful interview with Amazon, which will serve as the core framework for you to prepare for your Amazon Interview.

Behavior questions can make or break your chance to get an offer from Amazon. The soft questions are sometimes the most difficult questions to answer.

We break down each Amazon leadership principle and provide our interpretation with real world example. It guides you to prepare your own examples and stories to demonstrate your fit to Amazon culture that is critical to any Amazon interview.

How to prepare for phone interview? What is the schedule and format of onsite interview? What is the role of bar raiser?

We provide you a comprehensive guide that lead you through the entire process of getting a job at Amazon, from finding Amazon job leads, to prepare for online screen and hone interviews, to ace the onsite interviews, to negotiate compensation, to deal with job title deflation, to relocate.

Do you know very few people at Amazon makes more than $160K a year but they have a unique sign on bonus and stock vesting schedule to make up the difference? How should you negotiate your job offer?

We explain the structure of Amazon compensation package, and coach you how to negotiate .

Do you want specific advice on interviews for Software Development Engineer (SDE), Technical Program Manager (TPM), Vendor Manager, Operation Manager, Finance Manager, or MBA recruiting?

We have individual chapter devoted to each of the above positions with specific advice .

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