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Toxic Google Cloud Platform (GCP) division culture

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Lately I’ve helped multiple clients to get out of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) division.

Here is what I’m hearing: It’s a toxic place that has become unbearable for some folks

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, joined Google in January 2019. He was a long-time executive at Oracle. He has been making a lot of changes by bringing the Oracle playbook to GCP that has been causing major cultural clash.

The pain seems to be more severe for folks in sales, business development, marketing and product management.

Here is my take: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a highly strategic area at Google. If Thomas Kurian can show consistent and impressive results, he will stay. If he cannot deliver and a lot of people hate the work environment, he will leave soon. GCP has a couple formidable competitors in AWS and Microsoft. I wouldn’t be surprised that Google will correct course at some point.

If you’re currently at GCP now, hang in there. If you want to get out ASAP, check out our interview coaching. We’re here to help.

If you’re looking for a position at GCP, for tech / professional services/solution architect related positions, I’d say that you should go ahead.

If you’re looking for a GCP position in sales, business development or marketing, I’d advise you to wait a little bit.

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