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The two most important skills in tech

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A client reached to me for an urgent question.

He is a world class direct to consumer digital marker. He has been director of growth marketing at a high profile unicorn for several years.

He was offered a CMO position at a Series A startup. The startup is in the B2b FinTech space.
My client has never done B2B marketing. And he never worked in FinTech.

Should he take the offer to become CMO at a startup? Or is he better off to stay out?
We had a long chat. One thing I mentioned to him is that two types of skills are most critical in tech:

1) are you world class at building the product?
2) are you world class at selling the product?

My client’s answers are ‘no’ for both questions.

He has never worked in FinTech. His specialty is direct to consumer acquisition. He is a quick learner and he can eventually learn B2B marketing. But, as of now, he is not a world class B2B marketer.

My client declined the offer. He was soon promoted to VP at his current company.

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