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The anatomy of a Meta M1 Offer

Today I’d like to share with you a recent Meta M1 job offer. Please note that I have adjusted the numbers slightly to protect confidentiality.

  • Job title: Engineering Manager (EM)
  • Level: M1
  • Base: $240K
  • Sign-on bonus: $95K
  • Annual performance bonus: 20%
  • Restricted Stock Units (RSUs): $1.3M  worth of RSUs
  • Year 1 total compensation: $708,000
  • Year 2 total compensation: $613,000
  • Year 3 total compensation: $613,000
  • Year 4 total compensation: $613,000
  • Total 4-year compensation: $2,547,000
  • Average/Year: $636,750


  • Engineering Manager (EM) is well compensated at Meta. This is a lot of money for a mid-level engineering manager. However, Meta has a very flat structure. It expects a lot out of M1 managers.
  • Year 2 -4 compensation is less than year 1 compensation due to year 1’s sign-on bonus of $95K. Employers like Meta, Amazon or Google expects certain stock price growth each year that will make up the difference and provide the upside earning potential. Meta’s stock price has been struggling lately. As a contrarian, I think it’s better to join Meta when its stock price is more rationally priced.

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