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The anatomy of a Meta E6 offer

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Today I’d like to share with you a recent Meta (i.e. Facebook) E6 job offer: 

Meta E6 Offer

Here is a recent Meta E6 offer. Please note that I have adjusted numbers slightly to protect confidentiality.

  • Base salary: $240,000
  • Restricted Stock Units (RSUs): $1.2M vested over 4 years
  • Target bonus %: 20%
  • Sign on: $100,000
  • Total annual compensation for year 1 (including sign-on bonus): $688,000
  • Total annual compensation for year 2 – 4: $588,000

E6 level is senior engineer/tech lead level at Meta. It’s roughly mapped to L7 at Amazon and L6 at Google.

$588K is over half a million dollars annually. It’s at the top end of market for middle-to-senior level individual contributor roles in software engineering

For the past 12 months, Meta’s stock price peaked at $384.33. It’s currently trading at $233.89 as of April 4 2022. That’s a decline of 39%. Timing wise, you might have more upsides as you join Meta when its stock price is low. However, Meta is going through a major business strategy and organization transformation as it is placing a big bet on Metaverse. If you’re looking to join Meta, you should be aware of the risks and be willing to stomach the risks.

I have also seen an increasing number of current Meta employees reaching out to me. As their RSUs are under water, a good number of current Meta employees are looking to jump ship. Their top desired destination? Google. 

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