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Smart Move: How to Become a Product Manager

Are you working in software development, engineering, customer support, UI design, consulting, marketing, pre-sales or sales but want to make a transition to product management?

For the first time, a senior executive reveals the playbook he used to coach many ambitious professionals to successfully make the transition to Product Management:

  • Pivot from your current job to product management
  • Proven Strategic Framework to plan and move the Smart Moves
  • Six success case studies
  • Candid, brutally honest insights on the good, bad and ugly sides of product management.


Product Management is one of the most desired role in high tech companies because PMs are the “mini CEOs” of the products they manage. Many PMs eventually become CEO, senior executives, or start their own businesses. It is a great career stepping-stone as it is unique positioned at the intersection of technology and business.

However, how do you break into Product Management? How can you make the transition as quickly as possible? Do you need an MBA to move into Product Management? Why some people spent years to try to move into product management but still failed? Why some recent graduates were able to make the transition a couple years out of college?

Know what you are getting yourself into + Have a Proven Strategic Framework + Take Massive Actions that Work – this book provides you all three keys to become a Product Manager in the shortest time possible.

Buyer aware: Product Management is NOT as glamorous as it sounds. The author will share with you all of the dirty secrets of Product Management. You need to know what you are getting yourself into.

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