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Secret of People Who Always Get Job Offers

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Hot off the press — I just pressed the “publish” button, and my newest book Secret of People Who Always Get Job Offers is now available on

This book was inspired by my answer to a question on It received over a quarter million views in a very short period of time. After I posted my answer, I received emails daily from job seekers who asked me for advice and help. They wanted to know how to implement the secret of people who always get job offers.

I wrote this book based on my own professional journey and my experience of coaching thousands of clients to land their dream jobs. This is a playbook that gives you the “how” to implement the secret of getting job offers.

Before I start, let me share with you the initial question on and my answer.

Original Questi

“What is the secret of people who always get job offers?”

My answer:

“I’m going to offer you an unconventional answer.

About 10 years ago, I started noticing a trend of a few people I knew — they all started their career at one large company. One of them moved up very quickly from a junior analyst to SVP. This group of people followed him around as he moved to different companies.

This person is highly capable, but he has a hot temper and he tends to have a fallout with other executives 2–3 years into a job. However, he has always been able to get another job very quickly. And his people would follow him to the new company.

The conventional career path calls for:

  • staying at one company for a long time. Don’t job hop
  • building great relationships inside and outside the company
  • establishing a strong track record so that you can get promoted
  • networking, networking and networking

The person I knew didn’t follow the above path. His playbook was:

  • get results quickly
  • have a group of people follow him so that he can go into a new situation and get result
  • he is a great sales guy who can sell ice to Eskimos — this is why he could continuously get good jobs although he didn’t stay long at any of his stops. He was constantly on the move. His job was not in sales. He started his career in Information Technology and quickly move up the ladder to become CIO. Then he made a transition into the business side and became CEO of a medium sized company. Later he held a variety of ecommerce general management roles

Here is a key takeaway — no matter how capable you are and how strong your background is, the single most important factor for landing a job is how you sell yourself — how you position yourself, how you craft your narratives (your story), and how you convince the interviewers (your value add and differentiation). If you’re stuck in a job search, I strongly encourage you to look into reading some books in sales. I have done that myself, and it was a game changer as I changed my approach and mindset for interviewing.”

After I published my answer, my inbox was flooded with emails from people who asked for help. They have found my email address from my website ( They liked the answer, but they wanted to know “how” — what it would take to land a job offer from a top employer. They wanted to know the exact steps they need to take.

This book is my answer to their questions. But, before I share with you the framework and action plan, I need to share with you my own story. I learned everything from the school of hard knocks. Every single lesson in this book is based on reality and experience. This will set the context for the playbook that I’ll share with you. Now, let’s get started.

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