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How to Get a Job at Google

The Most Comprehensive Insider’s guide that helps you land a job at Google. Written by An Insider who have helped many candidates land jobs at Google. No BS. Insightful. Candid. Direct. It simply works.

Google is #1 on the list of LinkedIn Top Companies 2017: Where the world wants to work now. It hires less than 0.25% of job applicants. How can you beat the odds and land an offer at Google? What separates the successful candidates from the rejected ones?
This guide goes behind the scene to reveal how exactly recruiting works inside Google and how hiring decisions are made. Combined with our coaching experiences of helping many applicants to land offers at Google, we’ll provide you a comprehensive framework to navigate the entire interview process at Google.

Behavior questions can make or break your chance to get an offer from Google. The soft questions are sometimes the most difficult questions to answer.

We define “Googleyness” and break it down. Provide our interpretation with real world example. It guides you to prepare your own examples and stories to demonstrate your fit to Google culture that is critical to Google interview success.

How to prepare for phone/Google Hangout interviews? What is the schedule and format of onsite interview? Who are the different stakeholders you’ll talk to?

We provide you a comprehensive guide that leads you through the entire process of getting a job at Google, from finding Google job leads, to understand Google culture and hiring decision process, to prepare for behavioral questions, to nail your phone and onsite interviews. We also provide sample questions for you to practice.

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