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Hot Off the Press: How to Get a Job at Google

I’m super excited!!! I have been spending several months to work on this book. I just published How to Get a Job at Google in the Kindle Bookstore. Check it Out!

Google receives more than two million applications every year. Google only hires several thousand per year, making Google 20+ times more selective than Harvard, Yale or Princeton. For example, Google hires about 0.25% of job applicants, while Harvard’s admission rate was 5.2% in 2017.

Google’s hiring bar is high and the process is competitive, but there are ways for you to prepare for Google interviews that will significantly increase your chance to land an offer at Google. This starts with having a deep and accurate understanding of Google’s business model, unique corporate culture and hiring practices. This guide goes behind the scene to reveal how exactly recruiting works inside Google. Combined with our coaching experiences of helping applicants to land offers at Google, we’ll provide you a comprehensive framework to navigate the entire interview process at Google:

  • How to find Google job lead. There is one method that is particularly important to Google.
  • How to prepare for your first phone/Google Hangout Interview. Google’s first interview is very different from other companies.
  • How to prepare for your onsite interview.
  • Who will make the hiring decision and how the decision will be made. What does this mean to you as you navigate the whole process.
  • How to emulate Google employees to increase your chance to land an offer.
  • Sample interviews questions and tips

Check it Out on Amazon Now!

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