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What should you do if you don’t have good examples for Amazon Leadership Principles

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It is not uncommon for candidates to struggle to find good examples to answer Amazon Leadership Principles questions.
For example, one Amazon Leadership Principle is Having a Backbone, Disagree and Commit.
For folks who work in professional service firms (e.g. big 4 consulting firms, Infosys, Wipro, etc.), you are trained to do what clients ask you to do. A lot of you have a hard time to find good examples for “having a backbone”.
The worst thing you can do is to make things up. Amazon interviewers like to dive deep into your answers and ask follow-up questions. Unless you are a master novelist, you are at risk of being exposed.
Instead, you should focus on creating stories by applying amazon Leadership Principles at your current job.
Use the example above. If you have never disagreed with your client, try to identify an opportunity to disagree. Your job is to use data and facts to build your case to support your position. Your ideal outcome is to convince the client to change her mind and agree to take your recommended approach. By taking your approach, the client is better off. You want to create such a narrative by acting and behaving according to Amazon Leadership Principle. You can then use this example during your Amazon job interview.
For more information on how to prepare for Amazon Leadership Principle questions, take a look at De-constructing Amazon virtual onsite loop Behavior Questions.

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