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Amazon Side Hustle: How to Make $3000 Per Month in 90 days AND Get a Job at Amazon

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I’m super excited!!! I have been spending several months to work on this book. I just published  Amazon Side Hustle: How to Make $3000 Per Month in 90 days AND Get a Job at Amazon  in the Kindle Bookstore. Check it Out!

An e-commerce executive, former Amazonian, and career strategist reveals the KEYS to create your own lucrative Amazon side hustle and give you a huge advantage over other applicants to land a job at Amazon.

Book Excerpt: Amazon Side Hustle: How to Make $3000 Per Month in 90 days AND Get a Job at Amazon
Customer Obsession is one of the key tenets of Amazon Leadership Principles. For anyone who wants to work at Amazon, you must demonstrate your customer obsession. This means you need to have a detailed understanding of the features and functionality on Amazon, and come up your own insights on how to improve Amazon. In other words, you need to get to know Amazon very well.

Besides shopping on Amazon, if you can become a seller on Amazon marketplaces, or a Kindle book publisher, or an affiliate who drive traffic to Amazon, you will gain tremendous amount of insights about Amazon’s products and services. This will give you a huge advantage over other applicants.

If you have little or no prior experience in e-commerce, it is even more important for you to acquire some experiences from doing it yourself on Amazon. Fortunately, Amazon provides plenty of opportunities for any entrepreneurial, ambitious and driven professional to use the different products/services it offers.

Interesting enough, you can make money by exploiting these opportunities. Have you thought about generating side online income so that you can cover your mortgage payment, accelerate the payoff of your college loans, or take an additional vacation to Hawaii? It is absolutely doable to generate $1,000 – $3,000 side income from Amazon within the next 90 days because I have done it and I’ll show you how to do it yourself. You have nothing to lose and you have a lot to gain. Not only you will generate extra meaningful income, but you will also be much better prepared and informed as a job applicant to Amazon.

Here is my secret wish: you will generate enough income from your Amazon side hustle that you will seriously consider not to take a job any more. Warren Buffet famously said that he tap-dances to work every day because he loves his work and he controls who he works with, where he works, and what he does. Don’t all of us wish that kind of freedom and flexibility? Your Amazon hustle might very well be your path to freedom and financial security.

Check it out on Amazon now!

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