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Amazon Interview Updates: July 2018

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It has been a while since my last email update. I have been busy. After a slowdown between November 2017 and Feb 2018, Amazon’s interview activities have increased significantly. As my coaching clients continue to report their job offers, here is what I have learned from my coaching clients:

  • Amazon Web Service is hiring aggressively. It has many openings for Solution Architect. Folks with consulting/professional services experience are good fit for the Solution Architect role. Amazon is hiring aggressively in the U.S. (east coast offices, Seattle, etc), Europe and Australia. I have developed a playbook to coach client for Solution Architect position. Sign up for coaching here.
  • Amazon hires for experience. Amazon is in such a high growth mode, it needs people to fill the gaps right away. The more relevant your experience is, the easier it’s for you to land an offer. Amazon is very different from Google in this regard. Google hires for “general cognitive ability” (i.e. how you think) while Amazon focuses more on experiences.
  • I continue to hear horror stories about Amazon recruiters. Amazon internal recruiting process is very chaotic. My advice: if you get a call or email from a recruiter, schedule an interview as soon as possible. Don’t wait. Be patient. Send follow-up emails to your Amazon interviewers. Connect with them on LinkedIn. Try to establish multiple connections into the hiring team. Amazon recruiter is not reliable and error-prone (not all of them but a good number of them are.)
  • Battle tested Amazon interview tips — I’ve been invited to become a featured columnist for the fast-growing Check out my  list of my articles, including How to Nail Your Amazon Job InterviewWhy You’re Not Getting an Offer From Amazon, and Should You Move to Seattle or Austin from the Bay Area.

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